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ICF Coach Mentoring and Supervision

Partner with an ICF Master certified coach to help you become thE best coach that you can Be.

Gain All of the Hours You Need for Your ICF Credential!


I will help you:

Master the Core Competencies that the assessor wants to hear
Focus on your untapped skills to round out your coaching
Identify the recordings to send in with your application

I will guide you throughout the entire process.

The package I’ve developed covers all the elements that are important for you as you apply for your ACC, or PCC and fully satisfies ICF’s requirements to be coached by a mentor coach.

I invite you into this 3-month process where you will get:

• 10 hours of coaching and mentor coaching
• Listening together to your recorded coaching sessions (with your client’s permission of course) and giving you crucial feedback, valuable support, and expert coaching
• An additional session completely focused on the ICF exam
• A letter to ICF from me, to be included in your application, recommending you for the ACC, PCC or MCC (no longer required by ICF after July 1, 2013)

You will also learn:

• How to bring focus and structure to your sessions
• The importance of Core Competencies showing up within your own unique style
• Some final questions you’ll want to ask in the session (beyond the ‘requests’) and how to naturally do this in every session